Private Residence, Wiltshire

This expansive dwelling is generally single storey, with part, the ‘the cedar box’, over two floors. The first-floor construction is in structural timber, whilst the rest of the building is in masonry and

Steel, with a mixture of cladding types including natural stone outer leaf, forming cavity walls.

The lightweight roof covering is carried on rafters, which are supported by a concealed ridge beam and at eaves level only. The ridge is supported on bespoke timber trusses with steel flitch-plates and slender steel-rod ties. By providing options on truss types and then through co-ordination with the architect the desired aesthetic for the space was created. – Celebrating the structural design and details.

In other areas the structure is hidden withing the pitched roof build-up, and within the walls.

The large spans and open layout presented design challenges. An efficient design was achieved by performing a detailed site wind analysis. The roof is sheathed, and transfers lateral loads to the masonry walls, where they are of sufficient length, and to concealed braced bays (hidden within the walls), where additional strength was required.

We designed the adjoining awning structure in cedar timber, to match-in with areas of cedar shingle cladding, and the portico of cedar brise soleil. Structural framing supporting the first floor required a stronger grade of timber, so oak was specified to achieve the desired clear spans and overhanging cantilever corner detail.

Architect: Elkins Architects
Contractor: Elkins Architects
Photography: Pete Helme


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